A spiced, earthy dark chocolate with star anise, goji berries, ginger root, astragalus root, & reishi mushroom, sweetened with a touch of raw honey. Wandering Star Cacao ties together five of the top traditionally used Chinese herbs into an exotically flavored chocolate experience.


Order includes 1.5 oz net weight bar.


Organic Ingredients: Peruvian cacao*, unfiltered honey*, goji berries*, astragalus*, reishi mushroom powder, ginger root*, star anise*, whole green stevia*, red Alaea sea salt*. 
* Organic and Raw Ingredients

Wandering Star 70% cacao

  • All cacao used in Immortal Mountain Chocolate bars are raw, organic, fair trade, and single-sourced from Peru. The current varietal we are sourcing is a natural cross-pollination hybrid of Forastero and Criollo: Trinitario cacao. All other ingredients used are organic or wild-crafted whenever possible. Due to the nature of many of our raw/fresh ingredients, color variations may occur from batch-to-batch, but worry not-- every batch is quality tested for deliciousness.

    **Immortal Mountain chocolates are ceremoniously made to order in small batches. We strongly suggest refrigeration until your cacao is to be enjoyed, so please plan accordingly. Shipped insulated with a reusable ice pack. For the optimal Immortal Mountain Chocolate experience, bring your bar to room temperature before indulging.**