Painted Desert Cacao is a smooth, citrus-infused, raw dark chocolate bar inspired by the sweet blossoms, pollinators, and radiant fruits of the orange tree. Honey-sweetened with orange peel, neroli oil, & Immortal Mountain-grown sage leaf.


Order includes 1.5 oz net weight bar.


Organic and Raw Ingredients: Peruvian cacao, unfiltered honey, orange peel, sage leaf, neroli oil (in a grape seed oil base).

Painted Desert 65% cacao

  • All cacao used in Immortal Mountain Chocolate bars are raw, organic, fair trade, and single-sourced from Peru. The current varietal we are sourcing is a natural cross-pollination hybrid of Forastero and Criollo: Trinitario cacao. All other ingredients used are organic or wild-crafted whenever possible. Due to the nature of many of our raw/fresh ingredients, color variations may occur from batch-to-batch, but worry not-- every batch is quality tested for deliciousness.

    **Immortal Mountain chocolates are ceremoniously made to order in small batches. We strongly suggest refrigeration until your cacao is to be enjoyed, so please plan accordingly. Shipped insulated with a reusable ice pack. For the optimal Immortal Mountain Chocolate experience, bring your bar to room temperature before indulging.**