This balm is made using a base of organic olive oil infused with fresh, Immortal Mountain-grown, all natural: yarrow leaf & flower, comfrey leaf, and plantain leaf. These herbs combine to formulate a skin-soothing, all-purpose aid herbal balm.


Other ingredients: organic cacao butter, organic beeswax and essential oils.


Order includes 1-ounce tin of all-natural herbal skin balm.

Green Magick herbal balm

  • ** DISCLAIMER: Here at Immortal Mountain, we take great care in growing and harvesting EVERY herb used in our Botanical products in a beyond-organic method, and infusing them in premium carrier oils and alcohol solvents. We feel confident in providing the highest quality finished botanical products that we can offer. Many of our Botanical Extracts are of a general, tonic, and nourishing spectrum, while some have more specific, individual uses.While we do not subject our Botanical products to the FDA for regulation, we regularly refer to the current Good Manufacturing Practices for safety and standards, and follow them to the best of our ability. We always keep records of plant materials, ingredients, lot numbers, and dates with all of our finished products. We make no claims that any of our Botanical products will treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any ailment. Immortal Mountain is not responsible for adverse side effects caused by improper use of herbal products. ALWAYS perform your own research on ANY herb you choose to use, whether you are a healthy individual, child, pregnant, nursing, or otherwise. If you are ever in doubt about a specific herb, please consult your healthcare professional before using. **


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