Immortal Mountain Chocolates combine organic, fair trade, unroasted, single-origin Peruvian cacao with whole natural sweeteners, herbs, fruits, and sea salts to produce an intensely pure dark chocolate experience. The cacao varietal we source is a natural cross-pollinated hybrid of Forestero and Criollo cacao called Trinitario. Our Trinitario cacao beans are cured in their own fruit pulp, gently dried (not roasted), and ground into cacao paste and cacao butter from which we craft our signature Immortal Mountain chocolate flavors. Each additional element we include is organic or all-natural, and minimally processed to preserve the integrity and nutrients our sacred Earth provides, and we are sourcing an increasing number of ingredients from our own beyond-organic farmstead. These chocolates, handcrafted on-site in small batches, are made with fresh ingredients. For the fullest flavor experience, store refrigerated and bring up to room temperature before enjoying within six months of the creation date stamped on the back of the package.

Forgot to refrigerate your chocolates?

Here's how to bring them back to their original ultimate consistency:

Gently melt it down by placing unwrapped chocolate in a heat-safe glass vessel (bowl, measuring cup, canning jar). Place glass vessel with chocolate into a pan with a small amount of water in the pan (being careful not to get water onto the chocolate), thus simulating a double-boiler. Heat water on low heat until chocolate melts completely; stir gently to mix. Scrape with spatula into a small bowl or silicone baking mold if you have one and refrigerate until it hardens completely. Pop your chocolate out of the bowl/mold and bring to room temp to enjoy now or store in fridge for later enjoyment.