June 15

11 am - 5 pm

Practical Permaculture:

a deep dive for beginners

Using our developing, 2-acre mountainside farmstead as a working example, we will discuss the theory, potential design approaches, and a multitude of possible low-cost, practical solutions for integrating regenerative practices and Permaculture principles on your land, in your garden, within your woodland, or at your homestead. Whether you’re starting from scratch or retrofitting an existing small-scale agricultural project, with this workshop we aim to equip you with a solid understanding of how to start envisioning, designing, and implementing a holistic and productive ecosystem at whatever scale is right for you. This is our most comprehensive workshop for the year, and is an intense deep dive, replete with information and insight from our years of experimenting with and applying Permaculture principles and regenerative agricultural techniques here on our small but diverse land-base. Children age 12+ permitted with their parents at no additional cost, but both child & parents need to be prepared to be fully engaged and ready to soak up information! Detailed Itinerary & Driving Directions emailed following ticket purchase or upon request.

October 12

Lore + Legend:

Exploring Appalachian folk tales & Magick

Detailed info coming soon


February 9 + 10

2 pm - 5 pm

Apotheosis Open House:

Artisan Pop-Up Shop

& Chocolate Tasting

We are celebrating Valentine's Day and the launch of our on-site farmstead + botanicals market, APOTHEOSIS, with a complimentary chocolate tasting and artisan pop-up event featuring locally curated handcrafted wares! Please join us to sample our herb-infused dark chocolates, browse our line of bioregional botanical products, and shop the handworks of talented artisans: Chuck Brome {Limestone Pottery}; Terry Fox {Turning Point woodwork}; Sarah Hart Morgan {Forrest + Thyme Apothecary soaps}; Zoe Tilley Poster {nature cards & prints}; Mary Panesis {Shire Home Furnishings reclaimed woodwork}; Lynn Trowel Gilliam {Blue Moon Petunia linen goods}; Deborah Cherry Mosch {wearable wire art}; Ann Williams {table linens}; Jamie Markel {Needlehook Designs wearable fibers}; People Via Plants {handmade pottery + plants}... and more! RSVP appreciated (click below).

past event


May 18

12 pm - 3:30 pm

The Wild &  Forageable

Forest Garden:

Identifying, Tending, & Propagating Plant Allies

Join us for our forest-based, farmstead site tour and an introduction to many useful and resilient plant allies, well-suited for both ideal growing conditions and typically difficult-to-garden terrain: shade, slopes, and margins. We will walk, talk, identify, and demonstrate growing, propagating, and using both native and non-native medicinals and edible plants, and will teach you how to start from both a clean-slate landscape, and from an already established forest-scape, to begin to design your Forageable Forest Garden!  We will discuss aspects of Permaculture, Food Forestry, foraging, and homestead herbalism while walking the gardens and viewing a plethora of plants within their unique niches in this Appalachian landscape. We will also have available a sampling of plant starts and cuttings to take home with you, to add to or help you begin your own Forageable Forest Garden! This will be a donations-based workshop. It will tie together our previous two workshops centered around intensive annual greens production and mushroom propagation, and will lead up to our larger Permaculture event in June. Please SIGN UP below to reserve a spot, as our attendance capacity is limited. 

August 17


Kombucha + Kraut fermentation basics

Detailed info coming soon

November 9

Herb Preservation

for the

Home Apothecary

Detailed info coming soon


March 23

11:30 am - 2 pm

Cost: donation-based

Year-Round Greens: low-cost growing & harvesting techniques

Join us for a short donations-based workshop from 11:30-2:00, during which we will discuss and demonstrate techniques for producing outdoor greens for a year round harvest, supplemented by indoor microgreens production, as well as spring and summer production of resilient and fool-proof varieties. We will dive into topics such as germination: direct seeding vs. transplanting; utilizing low-cost cold, frost, and insect protection; hardy cold-weather varieties; microgreens basics for indoor year-round production; and warmer weather approaches for abundant yields on a very small scale. We will also touch on in-ground vs. raised-bed growing; soil building; weed management; successional seeding; cost effective, DIY indoor and outdoor set-ups; and all of our experiences, trials, successes, and failures will be on the table for discussion. PARKING IS LIMITED, and this is a pay-what-you-can workshop, so to SIGN UP, click button below or email us directly at immortalmountain@gmail.com.

At 2 pm we welcome the workshop attendees, as well as any newcomers after the workshop, to join us in a

Spring Farmstead Tour!

At this time we will also be officially opening our doors of APOTHEOSIS with Spring Weekend Hours!

{See our Shop page for location and regular weekend hours of our on-site farmstead + botanicals market, APOTHEOSIS.}

September 14

Forest Gardening basics

How to envision and implement a small-scale native perennial polyculture using edible, medicinal, and wildlife-inhabitable plants. Details coming soon...

December 14

Apotheosis Holiday Artisan Pop-Up Shop

Our doors will be open, and we'll be celebrating the approaching Winter Solstice with a chocolate tasting and a pop-up Holiday Day bazaar of carefully curated handcrafted gifts! Please join us in our community apothecary, Immortal Mountain's APOTHEOSIS, for tea, chocolates, botanicals, and uniquely handcrafted gifts.


April 13

Mushroom Cultivation for hobbyists & homesteaders

An educational workshop in which we will discuss the basics for ethically and sustainably cultivating your own log-grown mushrooms on a home-scale. Join us and learn how to grow delicious culinary/medicinal Shiitake, Oyster, and Lion's Mane Mushrooms for your family on locally sourced logs. ALSO, we will demonstrate a DIY zero-waste method for growing Oyster Mushrooms in containers utilizing recycled materials. Some of the topics we'll discuss are: What kinds of mushrooms can be grown here in northern Virginia? What are the best tree species to use for various mushroom strains, and how are they identified? What are the nutritional, medicinal, & ecological benefits of working with our mycelial allies? What exactly does regenerative, sustainable forest farming mean, and how can you apply some of these principles on a home-scale? And of course, how to get started cultivating your own log-grown mushrooms by participating in a hands-on demonstration, after which you'll have your own inoculated logs to harvest from for years to come! Cost includes site-tour, workshop, medicinal mushroom tea, handcrafted chocolate, & 2 varieties of inoculated mushroom logs to bring home.