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IMMORTAL MOUNTAIN Farmstead offers a seasonal CSA with delivery to local residents interested in our freshly harvested, beyond-organic produce (including microgreens, culinary mushrooms, heirloom salad mixes, fresh herbs, tea blends, hand-crafted chocolates and more). Learn more about our Farmstead and ongoing Permaculture inspired projects on our YouTube site, where you can find all of our video content.

IMMORTAL MOUNTAIN Chocolates combine organic, fair-trade, unroasted, single-origin Peruvian cacao with whole natural sweeteners, herbs, fruits, and sea salts to produce an intensely pure dark chocolate experience. The cacao varietal we source is a natural cross-pollinated hybrid of Forastero and Criollo cacao called Trinitario. On its own, Forastero cacao has a full-bodied initial flavor profile with few secondary tasting notes, while Criollo cacao has a more mild chocolatey flavor, but unfolds with many secondary notes. The crossing of these two varieties in nature results in a cacao bean with the best flavor qualities of both parents! Our Trinitario cacao beans are cured in their own fruit pulp, gently dried (not roasted), and ground into cacao paste and cacao butter from which we craft our signature Immortal Mountain chocolate flavors.


Each element we include is organic or wildcrafted, and minimally processed to preserve the integrity and nutrients our sacred Earth provides. We are sourcing an increasing number of home-grown ingredients from our own beyond-organic farmstead. These chocolates, handcrafted on-site in small batches, are made with fresh ingredients and are perishable; refrigerate to store until ready to be enjoyed. For the fullest flavor experience, bring to room temperature before indulging, and enjoy within six months of creation date on back of package.

IMMORTAL MOUNTAIN Botanicals are handcrafted at our farmstead in Virginia, where we grow herbs and mushrooms in a landscape managed for diversity and resilience, rooted in and inspired by the surrounding native ecology. Our plants and fungi are grown sustainably with beyond-organic practices, protected from synthetic chemicals at all times, harvested in harmony with the evolving seasons, processed with the utmost care, and finished with all-natural and organic components-- no artificial preservatives, flavors, fragrances, colors, or additional ingredients are ever used. By incorporating Immortal Mountain Botanicals into your wellness rituals, you will experience unique offerings from a mountainside we revere while directly supporting our regenerative land-stewardship efforts.

Founded in 2009, IMMORTAL MOUNTAIN is a two-acre working permaculture homestead with Chocolate, Farmstead, and Botanical offerings. Located near Front Royal in the Appalachian Mountains of northern Virginia, our farm's focus is on regenerative agriculture. Native plant species, perennial fruit and nut trees, culinary and medicinal herbs, log-grown culinary mushrooms, and annual heirloom & micro greens are amongst our cultivation. It is our mission to bring the highest integrity herb-infused chocolates (made with wildcrafted, organic, fair-trade Peruvian cacao), sustainably grown foods, and holistic botanicals from our Mountainside to you. Your support is helping us to tend, heal, and cultivate the landscape we inhabit and revere.